Don Feight

About Don Feight

Feight Studios was begun with its first P-3 Orion print way back in 1994 by Paula & Don Feight inspired by the aerospace and aviation art Don was producing at his job at Lockheed. Don worked at Lockheed Martin for over forty years as a graphic artist, conceptual artist, photographer, and illustrator before finally retiring in May of 2013.

Don and Paula Feight Aviation has been a lifelong passion from his early years as an Air Force Brat living on U.S. Air Force bases, model building, drawing airplanes, and working at an aerospace company, through the eventual building and flying of a high-performance homebuilt Glasair RG aircraft later as an adult (photo to the right and banner at the top of this page).

Much of the inspiration for Don's aviation art comes from his experiences as a pilot. The low-level flight over the ocean's water in "Madman," the blue hole in the dark storm clouds in "Lightning," and the spinning ground in "Performance" are a few examples of experiences of actual flying used to produce aviation art images. Don's passion is for the aircraft and the environment they fly in above all else. We hope you enjoy your visit to our website and come back again soon!

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